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Valiant Equipment is capable to offer the end line packing systems that are proven reliable and robust for poultry, meat, processed food, snacks and dairy product industry. We are proud to be associated with TAVIL from Spain that specialize in the automatic multiformat packing and palletizing system. Their expertise as well as in-depth technical knowledge has brought us many successes over the years.

Multiformat Packing

Tavil Multiformat Box Forming, Loading & Box Closing concept. Compact and modular configuration, allowing push-button operation for different products and boxes. Multiline and modular configuration, making simultaneous works possible with different products and boxes.

  • From 1 to 4 formats working simultaneously
  • Up to 500 box formats
  • Customized production control software
  • Customized robot grippers
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Increase of productivity and efficiency
  • Offer flexibility to adapt to marketing demand
  • Versatility in carton design

  • Multiformat Palletizing

    Tavil Multiformat Palletizing Center concept. Complete automatic solution with multipallet and interlayer dispenser, pre-mosaic tables, finished pallet transfer, wrapper, labellet and etc.

  • Versatile installations with universal gripper to palletize simultaneously boxes, trays, totes, pails, bales
  • Max palet software for easy edition of pallet patterns
  • Customized control architecture
  • SCADA communication
  • Increase of productivity and efficiency
  • Future cost saving