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Valiant Equipment is able to offer packaging systems that are proven reliable and robust for all packaging types. These packaging systems will cover markets such as Fluids, Powder, Meat, Poultry, Processed Food, Produce, Seafood, Ready Meals, Case Ready and many more

We associate ourselves with reliable systems such as Ulma Packaging from Spain, Viking Masek from Czech, Orihiro from Japan and Sipromac from Canada to ensure our customer bottom line is not compromised.

Pillow Pack (Liquid / Paste)

Ranging from high viscose product to mineral water, Onpack packaging system use squeeze roller mechanism to minimize the oxidation of the contents that results in longer product shelf life.

  • Pack liquid filling volume up to 6-Litre
  • Suitable for high viscosity filling that adopted the squeeze unit by servo motor
  • Strong squeezing power to high viscosity product can be achieved
  • Pillow Pouch package format
  • Optional specialized shape (Diagonal Seal) available

  • Pillow Pack (Powder / Granular)

    Sleek and smooth Viking Masek Vertical Bagger delivers exceptional speed and repeatability through a quiet, servo driven jaw, perfect for packaging powder, granular product, fresh fruit and candy.

  • Robust, stainless steel frame
  • Intermittent Motion Seqence running speeds up to 150 bpm
  • Enclosed, servo-drive jaw actuation
  • Small machine footprint
  • Quick film splice table
  • Jaw obstruction detection
  • Optional Ultrasonic sealing jaws
  • Optional Quad seal bag or Flat bottom bag assembly

  • Stick Pack

    Narrow in width and long in length, the iconic stick pack offers convenient, portable, single-serve packaging for products like coffee and drink mix. Viking Masek Stick Pack Machine offers multi-lane packaging running up to 50 cycles per minute.

  • Film unwind and film tension control
  • Film slitter and forming tubes - set per bag size
  • Discharge chute
  • Automatic film tracking
  • Optional Multi-lane volumetric filler, servo auger filler or servo liquid fillers available
  • Optional Straight Cut, Zigzag Cut or Round Cut available

  • Flow Pack Wrap

    Ulma Horizontal Flow Wrapper makes a three sealing pillow pack with high performance level for high speed production.

  • Cantilever construction that provides for easy cleaning and maintenance, with easy access to mechanical and electrical components
  • Left to right operating direction
  • Rotary Cross Sealing Jaw with electronic overload safety switch
  • Individual temperature regulation for different sets of rollers and sealing jaw

  • Thermoform Pack

    Ulma Thermoformer is characterized by package formation within the machine using flexible or rigid film with modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum option.

  • Stainless steel construction with hygienic design, IP65
  • Modular machine with basic structure 3000 mm
  • CE approval
  • Programmable configurations
  • Programmable advance speed
  • Tool-less detachable in-feed
  • Minimum maintenance

  • Tray Seal Format

    Ulma Tray Sealer for pre-formed tray with facilities for vacuum and/or gas injected packages. Manual tray transport system with medium-high performance level.

  • Heat sealing various food products in modified atmosphere (MAP)
  • Manufactured with corrosion-resistant material
  • Conforms to International "CE" safety codes, and ISO 9001 quality standards
  • Quick format change without the use of hand tools
  • Adjustable time control for tray ejection
  • Minimal maintenance & Easy removable covers
  • Optional gas flushing system available

  • Vacuum Pack

    Sipromac Vacuum Packaging system ensure freshness and prolonged shelf life of food products with the modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) option.

  • Double Chamber Stainless steel construction
  • Twin seal element – Double seam band
  • Vacuum sensor - Vacuum level controlled in percentage, directly with Microprocessor
  • Optional Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to increase the product’s shelf life, provide extra protection and prevent colouring
  • Optional Bi-active seal (Sealing from top and bottom) for thick pouches and aluminum bags
  • Optional Electric cut-off (Two wire seal system) where outside wire cuts off excessive part of bag