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Valiant Technical Services offers complete service in terms of our product range in addition to the supply. We consider service as the important matter by making our customer’s priorities our own priorities with strong commitment to resolve technical issues. A qualified and motivated team of service members assures optimal responsibility to assist you with planning, purchasing, commissioning and maintaining the production line.

Installation, Commissioning & Training

Installation is performed by qualified Valiant specialist. We offer comprehensive training program in the operating, maintaining, cleaning and safety of the supply for technical and operating personnel during the start-up. Well-trained and qualified equipment user is prerequisite for the efficient operation and equipment.

Maintenance & Service Call

We offer our support in ordering spare part and maintenance work with technical personnel to assure many years of trouble-free equipment operation. Valiant offers customized preventive maintenance service contract at fixed price to guarantee the continuous and smooth equipment operation in addition to efficient and profitability production process.