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Valiant Equipment is capable to offer the thermal processing systems that are proven reliable and robust for meat, poultry and seafood further processing industry. We are proud to be associated with Sairem from France that specialize in the industrial microwave and RF solution. Their specialization as well as in-depth technical knowledge has brought us many successes over the years.

Microwave Tempering Tunnel

Sairem Microwave Tempering Tunnel is able to thaw the foodstuffs quickly and efficiently while still preserving the organoleptic properties.

  • Compact continuous microwave tempering system with defrosting power from 10kW to 300kW
  • Minimize the product drip loss and degradation
  • Defrosting by microwave takes from 3 to 20 minutes instead of hours or days with traditional methods, even for large food blocks
  • Foodstuff can be processed in machine with the plastic film, the cardboard or plastic box
  • Labor and Processing time saving
  • Increase Productivity thanks to rapidity of the process

  • Microwave Tempering Oven

    Sairem Microwave Tempering Oven allows foodstuffs to be tempered or defrosted quickly. Optimal distribution of microwave within cavity allows perfect homogeneity of final temperature throughout the product.

  • Microwave tempering batch oven with defrosting power from 5kW to 60kW
  • Save money by avoiding drip loss
  • Short treatment time, high production flexibility
  • Excellent temperature homogeneity
  • No bacterial growth, complies with hygiene standard
  • Compact & Small footprint