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Valiant Equipment is capable to offer the food processing systems that are proven reliable and robust for meat, poultry and seafood further processing industry. We are proud to be associated with Tomahawk Mfg. from America, Alco Foods and Fessmann Gmbh from Germany, that specialize in the food processing industry. Their specialization as well as in-depth technical knowledge has brought us many successes over the years.

Forming Equipment

Thoughtful, intelligent design begins with listening to the needs of you, and designing the equipment to fit your needs. Tomahawk TM-Series formers are designed with your production requirements in mind and with goal of increasing your yield while decreasing the downtime. We deliver right equipment and form plate to form Beef, Protein or Chicken patties.

  • Stainless Steel Hydraulic Tank
  • Stainless steel right angle gear box
  • NEMA style doors with heavy duty cam locks
  • Heavy duty reinforced frames
  • Optional Multi FlowTM design, doubling your production while reducing wear and tear on your machine’s parts and tooling
  • Optional Paper Feed
  • Available with Standard Fill, Soft-Fill, Portion Fill
  • Available from 150mm to 660mm wide

  • Battering Equipment

    Heavy liquid batter, marinades or tempura are gently applied to product by Alco Battering Machine.

  • Top-performance pump system with adjustable speed allows liquid coating materials of various viscosity to be used
  • Complete coating of the product with batter on all sides through overflow devices with batter curtain
  • Adjustable blower system for removing excess coating material from the top and bottom of products with an integrated material return system
  • High operating safety
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Optional with double-wall design for injecting a coolant
  • Available from 400mm to 1,000mm wide

  • Breading Equipment

    Whether finely or coarsely grained, Alco Breading Machine will gently run your product over breading bed, applying the ideal breading.

  • Suitability for virtually all breading materials of varying grain
  • Gentle conveyor system with material return and minimal dust formation
  • Adjustable blower system and vibration and pressing devices for achieving the optimal coat result
  • Easy to fill the equipment with the material through a storage container
  • High operating safety
  • Easy-to-clean design, easy to empty the material
  • Available from 400mm to 1,000mm wide

  • Frying Equipment

    Alco Fryer with flexible frying setting can be used for par-frying, searing or full-cooking. Fried foods entice with an appetizing aroma and brownness.

  • Adjustable production speed
  • Optionally heated electrically or with thermal oil
  • Different belt systems for optimal adjustment to the product
  • Adjustable belt gap & process temperature
  • Dirt transport system for separating sediment
  • Optimal heat transfer through the oil circulating system
  • High operating safety
  • Optional exhause chimney with filter
  • Optional complete cleaning system for interior
  • Optional sanitary open channel design
  • Available in different width and working length
  • Oil Filtration

    ClearOil Pressure Filter is filtration system designed for continuous purification of frying oil. Pollutants are removed from the oil, thanks to high-grade medium.

  • Suitable for all frying systems
  • Capable of removing pollution from the oil before the oil is affected
  • Lifetime of the oil is greatly extended
  • Reduced cost due to longer lifetime of frying oil
  • Easy maintainable system

  • Belt Grilling Equipment

    Alco Contact Cooker is specialized in fatless roasting. It uses fat of product itself and apply grill stripes on request. An additional benefit is the minimal weight loss due to the efficient cooking method of contact heat and direct energy transfer into the product.

  • Suitable for various products including hard-sticking products like glazed and marinated poultry parts thanks to a glass-fiber-reinforced non-stick upper and lower belt
  • No belt marks on products
  • Heating through electrical or thermal oil-heated plates
  • Process temperature infinitely variable up to max. 260 °C
  • Adjustable production speed and belt gap
  • Continuous belt wash system (without chemical addition)
  • High operating safety
  • Optional Grill Stripe pattern
  • Available in different width and working length
  • Flattening Machine

    Uniform product thickness is a special requirement for a lot of meat products. Alco Flattener provides the best conditions for short cooking times and succulent products. The flattening machine flattens and rolls fresh and frozen meat. Its special feature is that it guarantees the individually set product thickness in narrow tolerances for all suitable products with low memory effect.

  • Flattening area with a number of roller pairs for gentle and permanent flattening
  • Height adjustment through a handwheel for setting the desired product thickness
  • Perfect product transfer through a pivotable outlet belt
  • Rubberized drive rollers prevent belt slipping
  • Water spray bar for preventing protein build up on the belt
  • High operating safety
  • Belts with different profiles for various product types available
  • Available from 250mm to 1,000mm wide

  • Baking Equipment

    Fessmann Rotatherm Carat achieves particularly high-quality baking results thanks to the special rotation technology. The innovative rotation of the trolley in the air flow focusing at the centre ensures products of unparalleled consistency even at extremely high temperatures.

  • Best baking results thanks to unique rotation technology
  • Short heating and baking times
  • Up to double trolley loads as compared to standard baking systems
  • Lesser weight loss as compared to conventional systems
  • Saving heating energy by high-quality insulation
  • Optionally installed CIP cleaning

  • Frankfurter Continuous System

    Multifunctional TF4000 Continuous System by Fessmann enables product going through several heat treatment and cooling units as well as smoking treatment and leave product ready for packaging. The serpentine-shaped chain guide of the continuous system permits unparalleled product quality in colour and flavour.

  • Considerable saving of energy costs
  • Fully automatic control and monitoring of the production processes
  • Temperature and humidity can be controlled separately in every treatment zone
  • Outstanding quality results in colour and flavour at minimal weight loss as compared to batch systems
  • Possibility of automating loading and unloading
  • Permanently uniform product quality increases process and quality safety